Bubble Section for 4" Crystal Dragon™



Additional Bubble Section for our 4" Crystal Dragon™ Column

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Weight917 g
Height105 mm
Bubble Cap ModelMini
Sight Glass Model360° Sight Glass Cylinder

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Additional bubble section for our 4 inch Crystal Dragon™ to be able to build a higher column with more plates.

More bubble sections can be added at will to reach the desired number of plates.

Please be aware, that with increasing the column height by adding additional bubble sections, the height of the down-facing arm with the product collector increases as well, which can easily be solved by offsetting the product collector by using additionally available components.

A note on the glass cylinder of our Crystal Dragon™ bubble section:

Please be aware that although borosilicate glass is very robust, it can have asperities and air entrapment in the glass, as well as asperities by chipping at the edges due to the difficult processing. This is not a product flaw, but a characteristic caused by production. Please handle items made of borosilicate glass with utmost care, do not clamp them too tight, and do not put them down onto hard surfaces! All glasses are carefully inspected by us before delivery and singled out if deviant. We can not accept subsequent complaints.


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Bubble Section for 4" Crystal Dragon™

Bubble Section for 4" Crystal Dragon™

Additional Bubble Section for our 4" Crystal Dragon™ Column

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