5" Crystal Dragon™ Pro



5" Crystal Dragon™ Pro Column with 3 Bubble Sections

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Weight23.9 kg
Height87 cm
Bubble Cap ModelProCap36
Sight Glass Model360° Sight Glass Cylinder
Product Condenser3"

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Our most popular glass column named Crystal Dragon™ Pro in 5 inch with 3 bubble sections (also known as distillation stages) and powerful dephlegmator allows free 360° view of the action, and is a guaranteed eye-catcher for your distillery.

The bubble plates and ProCap36™ bubble caps are made of copper, and provide a more than adequate copper surface to neutralize harmful substances.

This reflux column has a powerful 5 inch pipe-base dephlegmator, mighty 3 inch product condenser, as well as our product collection kit with surge breaker.

The necessary parts for the cooling system and one DragonFire hydrometer are included in delivery, but not the threaded rods with nuts for assembling the sight tower, whose length depends on the final height of the glass column, and surely can be sourced locally without any problems.

To build a column with more plates, you just have purchase more bubble sections, which we offer as separate accessory.

Please be aware that this is only a suggested configuration. Due to the modularity countless possible variations unfold to adjust the column to local conditions. This is especially true on the down-arm with the product condenser to bring, for example, the product collection with two additional 45° bends and a pipe section in a suitable position for you.

It is also a good idea, to order some essential spare parts and accessories in addition, such as more gaskets, push connects or hydrometer.

The column in the form as shown can indeed be mounted directly on a 5 inch tri-clamp connection of a boiler, but usually an additional pipe section or reducer is used in between, depending on the used boiler and desired overall height of the structure, which in particular is of advantage in case of foaming boiler content as well. Depending on the circumstances, it may be that the boiler is in the way of the down-facing arm with the product collector, which can easily be solved by offsetting the product collector by using additionally available components.

A note on the glass cylinders of our Crystal Dragon™:

Please be aware that although borosilicate glass is very robust, it can have asperities and air entrapment in the glass, as well as asperities by chipping at the edges due to the difficult processing. This is not a product flaw, but a characteristic caused by production. Please handle items made of borosilicate glass with utmost care, do not clamp them too tight, and do not put them down onto hard surfaces! All glasses are carefully inspected by us before delivery and singled out if deviant. We can not accept subsequent complaints.


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5" Crystal Dragon™ Pro

5" Crystal Dragon™ Pro

5" Crystal Dragon™ Pro Column with 3 Bubble Sections

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